6 April


Greece is one of the most important wine producers and although, in the modern world, Greek wine didn’t receive sufficient promotion and publicity, we know that in Ancient Greece and in Byzantium, wine was one of the most important commodities together with olive oil.

Therefore In this tour we will try to narrate the history of Wine from the ancient to the modern times. In the first part of the tour we will discuss about the origin of wine, about the myths of Dionysus and about the birth of the theatre as it is inextricably connected with the cult of Dionysos. We will expand our discussion visiting areas of Athens where we can find items and objects connected with the everyday life of the Athenians and in particularly with the wine.

Finally in the last part of the tour we will do a stroll in the wine bars of Athens and we will have the chance to taste some of the most characteristic and noble varieties of the Greek production and to learn to distinguish the special traits and aromas of the mosxofilero, the assyrtiko, the agiorgitiko, the xynomayro.


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