journey to Arcadia
6 April


A great journey to Arcadia starts by Hiking in Lousios Gorge

Lousios Gorge is a deep canyon in central Peloponnese situated in an impressive mountain area, with small picturesque villages and ‘cliff-hanging’ monasteries.

This is a bit off the beaten track. For those that like to go hiking this is a great area to visit. A five (5) kilometer gorge with several hiking trails, and a very good bridge crossing Lousios river. You can walk from one village to another following a dirt road through the mountains in beautiful scenery that even has some small waterfalls. The Lousios river is where Zeus used to bath himself, In the spectacular densely vegetated gorge and in the river’s crystal clear waters.

The Lousios (Greek: Λούσιος) is a river and a gorge in western Arcadia that stretches from Karytaina north to Dimitsana in Greece. The river begins near Lykochori and flows through the Lousios Gorge. The river is treacherous and flows rapidly. It empties into the Alfeios 2.5 km northwest of Karytaina and south of Atsicholos. The river forms a deep, narrow gorge. Its length is approximately 15 km from north to south and its width is approximately 2 km wide. The gorge is very popular amongst hikers. At the northern end of the gorge lies the town of Dimitsana. At the southern end of the gorge is the ancient city of Gortys with the temple of Asclepius. Much of the gorge is heavily forested, and there are steep cliffs.  Definitely, a journey to Arcadia will give you unforgettable memories!

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