6 April


Our tour will start with a visit to the famous sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone of these two major goddesses of agriculture. The myth describes that Persephone one day went to collect flowers and the earth suddenly opened and Hades the god of the underworld abducted her.

Dimitra her mother totally heartbroken wandered around endlessly arriving at Eleusi where she sat at a stone, on the so-called mourning rock (agelastos petra).  Feeling betrayed  by the Gods when she discovered that it was Hades that had taken her daughter she abstained  from her agricultural duties and the earth seized to be fertile and famine spread around the world.

Finally Persephone was released with the intervention of Zeus and Dimitra allowed the earth, the flowers and the plants to bloom again. Visiting the land of Eleusi we will have the chance to follow the steps of the myth of the Hades and the Persephone. We will see the ritual chamber where the Mysteries of Eleusi were held, the cave of Hades that was the gate to the Underworld  and we will visit the archaeological museum . The site of Eleusi is a  really magnificent and enigmatic place and creates an interesting contrast with the industrial port that lies just in front of the museum.

The second stop of our tour will be the city of Corinth. Corinth was one of the most important cities in antiquity especially from the 7th century onwards and throughout the roman times. A really remarkable city located between two harbors and under the shadow of the imposing fortress of Akrokorinthos.   A marvelous city full of secrets  where one can admire the most ancient temple of Apollo , the Fountain of Kastalia and a typical roman city with beautiful streets, baths and public buildings. Finally in Corinth the visitors can take a dive into the first Christian years by visiting the Vema of St Paul from where he preached for the first time the arrival of Christianity to the World. The visit will end with a glimpse into the Archaeological museum recently refurbished where the visitor can admire artifacts from the 1O th c. bc, and most important two newly exhibited statues, the two Kouroi from the area Klenia that were victims of antiquity smugglers but were found and were confiscated in 2010 and only recently restored and exhibited in the museum in a sumptuous space.

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